tiistai 20. kesäkuuta 2017

Crime of The Century

The blog has been a bit on the quiet side simply because I've been too busy to update. Shame! But here's one of the reasons though, last weekend was the Desucon Eurocosplay preliminaries that I took part in. The reason to my quietness (and busyness) is mostly that a) I ended up having two jobs b) I was trying to get some convention work done and c) because of these I wasn't sure if I could actually finish my contest entry on time. Luckily (somehow) I managed, with enough time for good night sleeps before the event. I even did a little tour to Animecon NL the previous weekend! Here's just a little something to get my thoughts out on the competition it self.

Roxie rocks the stage - Photo by Sami Räbinä